The LEAP Academy is a partnership program that provides academic and enrichment support in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Art and Environmental Science Education.  Our mission is to provide access to enrichment opportunities for K -12 students that have been traditionally underserved and underrepresented in these areas. 

Our approach is to challenge students to use higher level thinking to investigate, experiment, and evaluate practical solutions that help solve everyday problems.   Project based learning activities and relevant field experience help students understand how all disciplines work together to provide applications that improve our quality of life.  This approach has proven to motivate students so that they become more engaged in learning and retain the skills, knowledge and abilities needed to compete for the next generation of STEM, Agriculture, Art and Environmental Science jobs.


Our Sponsors In Education ​collaborate with intention to provide an educational environment that optimizes learning from a practical point of view.  Our network of educators is comprised of faith-based institutions, colleges and universities, grass roots organizations, community businesses, nonprofit organizations, local, state, and federal grant institutions.  Through collaboration and capacity building, we are confident that we can promote learning in a way that gets children and youth excited about education.