Our History

The early beginnings of the LEAP Academy can be traced to Consolidated Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky.  An outreach ministry for the children, leaders organized its first summer camp for kids in 2005.  The half-day program lasted 3-weeks and provided 20 elementary children a safe place to eat while improving their socialization skills through play.  Within a few years, the program expanded to include 8-weeks of academic support in Math, Literacy and Science for over 100 elementary students.    


In 2015, the program shifted from volunteer support to a more formalized plan of instruction for the summer.  Collaborations with certified instructors and community learning centers helped to provide targeted instruction for participants.  An enrichment component to the program also began so that classroom learning was more aligned with practical application.  


Students in Cafeteria
Art Class
Kids in Vegetable Farm
Interested Student

By 2019, collaborations launched into formal partnerships and support from the community increased significantly.  Recognizing the positive influence of the program and the needs of the Winburn community, the Mayor's Neighborhood Engagement Team tapped the program so that more children could be served.  Support from the Equestrian, Agriculture, Environmental, STEM and Art communities helped to provide enrichment opportunities for elementary, middle and high school participants.


Today, the summer program has expanded, yet again and is now called The Lexington Education and Partnership (LEAP) Academy.   This academic and enrichment program serves grades K - 12 during after school and out-of-school periods.  Its mission is to establish meaningful and sustainable partnerships that expand academic and enrichment opportunities to children and youth.  Those that join our Sponsors In Education network help provide learning opportunities that are concrete, relevant and, most of all, fun.