"Science, technology, engineering and math form the foundation of the global economy...“Yet, as the STEM Index suggests, if educational trends continue, fewer qualified candidates will be available to support growth in these areas. It’s critical to our business and the United States’ long term economic outlook that we inspire young people to engage in STEM and dedicate resources to supporting them throughout their academic lives.” 


- US News & World Report April 23, 2014

Our Sponsors In Education consists of private sector businesses, faith-based institutions, colleges and universities, state and local grantors, grass roots organizations, local businesses, and both for- and nonprofit organizations. Our collective goal is to increase access to Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and the Medical (STEMM) opportunities to include underrepresented and underserved youth. 


To reach that goal, our sponsors provide continuous engagement opportunities that keep youth motivated to learn more. These alliances are critical in building the knowledge base needed to be career ready for the next generation of STEM jobs.

How Our Sponsors Benefit

  • Opportunity to join a network of professional organizations that actively support youth education

  • Opportunity for targeted education and training for future workforce recruitment

  • Opportunity to build relationships with young people and influence career and college decisions

  • Opportunity to pay it forward to the next generation of leaders so that they will do the same

How Youth Benefit from Our Partnership

  • Confidence in Learning

  • Empowered to Make Decisions

  • Skilled in Speaking to Others

  • Experiential Learning that results in Information Retention

  • Vision of a College and/or Career Pathway

How Our Sponsors Contribute

  • Time, Talent and Expertise 

  • Guest Speaking / Reading Times

  • One on One Tutoring (1 hr. per month)

  • Internships & Shadowing Opportunities

  • Educational Supplies & Materials

  • Positive Incentives & Rewards

  • Continuing Education Scholarships

  • Technological and Administrative Support  


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