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Inspired and Empowered

We seek to inspire students to become excited about learning and passionate in their educational and career pursuits in STEM, Agriculture, Art and Environmental Science related fields.


Our mission is to expose underserved and underrepresented students to those opportunities that have traditionally been inaccessible due to

socio-economic, geographical, and/or other barriers.


Working Together

The LEAP Academy is intentional in developing an education framework that provides a pathway to proficiency in STEM, Agriculture and Arts Education. By aligning ourselves with businesses, schools, and families, we provide access to educational and enrichment opportunities through hands-on project-based experiences that help them discover the world around them. These alliances are critical in building the knowledge base needed to be college and career ready for the next generation of jobs in these high demand fields.

In the Classroom

Keeping Students Sharp

The Lexington Education and Partnership Academy offers an 8-week summer experience focused on retaining academic proficiency in Math, Science, and Literacy. We work closely with Math, Science and Literacy specialists in the community to help students gain confidence in understanding these principles as they relate to the real world. 


Our project- and problem-based instructional approach encourages critical thinking and motivates students to meet challenges head-on. Students are encouraged to be involved learners who take confidence in understanding the practical application of each lesson that is taught. It is our experience, that this style of teaching tends to spark a sprinkle of curiosity, a ton of ingenuity, and an innovative spirit that will keep students motivated to learn even more.

Thank You to Our Sponsors In Education

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